giving a chance at life to embryos that have been frozen and left without a home following IVF treatment. These embryos are from healthy couples who no longer need them, because they do not want any more children following the treatment. This programme can benefit other people who would like to be parents and require Assisted Reproduction treatment. It truly is a beautiful love story.


At Institut Marquès we continue to innovate every day to improve Assisted Reproduction treatments and offer our patients the best possible care. As such, we have developed pioneering services around the world like the Embryo Adoption, programme that we launched in 2004. Since then, many people with fertility problems have benefited from this treatment, finally conceiving after several failed attempts. The embryos from this programme are from healthy mothers, under 35 years of age, who have successfully undergone IVF treatment and do not want any more children.


At Institut Marquès we have pioneered by offering our patients the chance to adopt embryos. Our programme has quickly become known around the world and has always been very well received by society. Various groups have shown their support, and several different kinds of people have eagerly requested treatment. Our centre currently has one of the highest embryo adoption levels in the world.


Patients who choose to adopt embryos have different profiles: women without a male partner who would like a child; or couples with fertility problems who have repeatedly tried to conceive using IVF without any luck. There are also people with fertility problems who simply want to give these embryos a chance at life.


At our centre, the success rate for each embryo transfer is 57%. It is a really moving process, full of hope and excitement, as it means finding a new home for the embryo that gets chosen.

Frequently asked questions


  • It was interesting to experience the feelings I went through during pregnancy. I always felt the “adoption” was a fantastic decision: we’ve both adopted each other. People also react really well when I explain it to them. I don’t try to hide it; I think I can help a lot more people by casually telling them what I’ve done.


  • We started to try for a baby and, after a year without results, we started taking all the tests – lots of tests! And then on one windy day in November, I arrived in Barcelona and had a beautiful embryo implanted. They saw me to the door and invited me outside for a stroll – I was going to have some good paella and go for a nice walk! A few weeks later, we saw a fluttering on the ultrasound: there was a beating heart! I’ll never be able to give enough thanks to the people who have helped change my life.


  • I never felt like the embryo was from someone else; I always knew it was going to be my baby. It’s funny, because people even tell me how much she looks like me; she’s exactly as I hoped she’d be. My message is clear: if you really want children, don’t leave it until later in life or you might find it’s too late.


    Mother of Sarah, the 500th baby born from the adoption programme
  • Thank you for making our dreams come true. We feel like we’ve achieved a miracle. We’d like to give a warm hug to the lovely, charming girl who donated her embryos to us.


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